Tō Yō – Stray Birds From the Far East LP


1. Soaring
2. Hyo Dororo
3. Twin Mountains
4. Tears of the Sun
5. Titania Skyline
6. Li Ma Li

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Tō Yō, the Tokyo-based psychedelic quartet, has announced their debut record Stray Birds From the Far East—a dreamy, pop-infused psych/acid rock concept album about nostalgia for a place yet to be discovered—to be released through King Volume Records on August 18, 2023.
The Tō Yō sound is simultaneously unique yet familiar—but it’s also moving. “Our psychedelic sound is at times violent and at times naive,” says vocalist and guitarist Masami Makinom, “but we also believe our sound is meant to awaken the most primitive senses in order to sublimate
the rise of the soul and its uncontrollable impulses.”

Tō Yō is an ambitious band with an ambitious vision, so it’s no surprise some of their biggest influences are known for complex, groundbreaking visions; Far East Family Band, J. A. Seazer, Flower Travellin’ Band, Kikagaku Moyo, YU Grupa, Ali Farka Touré, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,
and Goat all show up in the list of the band’s most important influences.

Releases July 10, 2023.

● Masami Makino (vocals, guitar)
● Sebun Tanji (guitar)
● Issaku Vincent (bass)
● Hibiki Amano (drums, percussion)

Recording: Yui Kimijima at Tsubame Studio in Asakusabashi, Tokyo
Mastering: Yui Kimijima at Tsubame Studio in Asakusabashi, Tokyo
Art: Todd Ryan White

Stray Birds From the Far East by Tō Yō

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Tō Yō