Auralayer – Thousand Petals LP


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1. The Lake 03:01
2. All My Time 03:03
3. Christ Antler 04:21
4. Faith To Reason 03:56
5. Shelf Black 03:39
6. Peacemonger 03:52
7. You Walk 03:50
8. Dance To Thrash 03:57
9. Monstrum 06:12

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Thousand Petals is a blast of psych rock explosively crashing into heavy metal. What has this collision created- POWER DOOM. The deep hooks and hard grooves expedite the path to samsara. Enlighten yourself with Auralayer. Beautiful vinyl featuring a swirl of Purple and Bone- a picture of the cosmos frozen in time- forever still in the wonder of creation and destruction. Limited to 300 world wide.

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