Castle Rat – Into The Realm LP


Dagger Dragger
Feed The Dream
Red Sands
The Mirror
Cry For Me
Fresh Fur



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Castle Rat, the story-driven Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band from Brooklyn known for its theatrical, action-packed live shows complete with full costumes, choreographed sword fighting, and fake blood, is releasing the highly anticipated Into the Realm concept album through King Volume Records on April 12th, 2024.

True to the band’s ethos, Into the Realm was recorded in an abandoned Philadelphia church the band temporarily converted into a studio. Among the flooded floors, decaying plaster, and ornate stained glass windows, the band stacked their Orange amps and tracked over two and half days, with engineering and production assistance from Davis Shubs and Thomas Johnsen.

“The energy within The Church is undeniable — While tracking vocals for “Cry For Me” I was standing there alone in the center of the church, surrounded by stained glass windows as they faded to a pale grey-blue in the twilight. The veil between the spirit realm and the realm of the living became so thin it felt as if I were floating between them. I feel that particular vocal take was aided or influenced by something beyond my understanding…”

Surrounded by the church’s dreadful atmosphere and a certainty that the property was haunted, the band eventually decided to shoot the “Dagger Dragger” music video in the same location.

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Rat Queen, Plague Doctor, The Count, The Druid